Surveying work

Professionalism and associated services for complex construction.

A surveying team is part of every successfully completed construction site.

Construction projects begin with expert advice and planning. This is followed by execution and realization including construction supervision until successful completion. All construction projects, whether building, infrastructure or civil engineering, require the services of surveying engineers. IBB surveyors use up-to-date equipment to ensure quality and precision.

We offer:

Surveys during construction

3D laser scanning

With us, you get...

Real partnerships

We pride ourselves on our expertise. That's why we always strive to exceed our customers' and partners' expectations and create trusting construction partnerships of the highest level.

Lightness of approach

To guarantee the highest level of transparency and planning reliability, we break down the complex issues of a construction project into simple, logical components.

Technical know-how

Our company thrives on the knowledge and experience of its employees. That is why we are actively committed to keeping this knowledge up to date and guarantee compliance with the latest and highest international standards in our work.

Efficient solutions

Professionalism and quality form the basis of our company. As an efficient construction partner, we stand for results-oriented and focused work-always with an eye on solving even the most complex problems.

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